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What is included in my order?

All meals are served with soup, salad and fried rice. We will also provide our homemade yum yum sauce, teriyaki sauce and garlic butter.

What are the costs for your services?

Costs depend on the menu that you select for your event. To determine the amount, head to the "Choose Your Menu" tab and place your order. Before submitting the order, please book your event first to ensure the date and time are available.

Do you provide the decorations, plates, utensils, etc?

No, we do not provide anything other than the food and the grill. All other items are up to the guest to provide. For eatery, we recommend having plates for the entree, bowls/plates for the soup and salad, as well as forks and spoons.

When does the chef arrive?

The chef will arrive 30 minutes prior to your event to set up so that the event will start on time. If your event is not ready to start at the scheduled time, the chef may elect to start cooking before everyone is ready and extra charges may incur. 

Why is there a delivery fee if the chef is cooking live?

The delivery fee is essentially the chef fee to cook at the event. The chef fee is not added into the cost of the food.

How can I secure my reservation?

The only way to secure your booking is with a deposit. Deposits are due 24 hours after receipt on the invoice. If no order or invoice is received after 24-48 hours of booking, the booking will be cancelled and made available to others.

Does the chef provide the food?

Yes, the chef provides the food based on your menu selection from the "Choose Your Menu" tab.

Can we provide our own food?

No, you cannot provide your own food as the chef has to prep the food before the event.

Will the chef cook inside or outside?

The chef can cook inside or outside. It is at your discretion where you would like him to set up. We can help make a determination once we arrive at the location.

What is the difference between a Live Event and a Catered Event?

A Live Event is where the chef will come set up and cook for you and your guests. The Catered Event is where the chef will prep and cook food and drop it off to your location.There is a delivery fee for this option and it will vary based on distance.


Will the chef need me to provide anything for him at the event?

No, the chef will not have any special requirement. The grill is propane generated, so no electricity is needed. The only ask is that if the event is outside at night, that you make sure there is sufficient lighting.

What if someone at the event has an allergy?

The chef will cook the food accordingly.

Are the sauces gluten free?

The sauces are not gluten free. Please do not use the sauces if you have a gluten allergy or are on a gluten restricted diet.

Can I add more people to my reservation?

Yes, more people can be added to the reservation, but this must be made known at least 48 hours before to the event and the order must be amended to reflect the change in guests. If there are additional guests at the time of the event, we will require extra fees and there is no guarantee that there will be enough food for them.

Do you accept credit card?

We do not accept credit cards. We only accept payment via Cash App and Zelle. Payment instructions are available through the invoice after we receive your order.

Is there a certain amount of people required to book an event?

The chef can accommodate any size party. However, weekends (Friday - Sunday) are reserved for parties of 10 and up.

When is the final balance due?

The balance can be paid anytime prior to the event, but is due at the date and time of service.

Can you accommodate any dietary restrictions?

Yes, we can accommodate most dietary restrictions ie. vegetarian, vegan, gluten free

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