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We're Hiring

Taste of Hibachi is rapidly growing and is looking for a solid team of people who can help us reach the next level. Roles can overlap or can be held individually. We are currently looking for the following positions:

Prep Help

This role will be in charge of prepping all of the items that the chef needs for his events. Will include cutting vegetables, creating sauces and dressings, and ensuring meats are portioned.

Event Help

The person who fills this role will accompany the chef to his events. They will be there to prepare the soup and salad, serve the guests, and make sure that the chef has everything that he needs.

Hibachi Chef

Experience is preferred. but not required. Looking for someone to partner up with us so that we can handle more events. With one chef, we are limited to the amount of business that we can take on. This role will be vital for the expansion of the business. Willing to train.

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